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Here is a short description of our Sunday services and other fellowship groups and activities.  If you have any questions about these activities or you need a ride to these activities, please contact us.
Sunday Service

  • We are a Bible-base Christian church that meets weekly for worship and the preaching of God’s Word.

  • Lord’s communion monthly on the third Sunday of the month

  • Potluck monthly the fourth Sunday of the month after the meeting

  • Seasonal outings

  • Nursery for 0 – 3, Sunday School for children K through 5th grade.

  • Meeting Time:  Each Sunday at 

  • Meeting Place: Chapel @  Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, 2300 North Main Street

  • Contact:


House Groups

  • There are several “house groups” available for people who would like to be involved in a smaller context.  This is a time of food, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.  This is a great way to get to know others in BCC.

  • Meeting Time: Saturday 6 pm with a potluck. Child program is provided.

  • Meeting Place: Family houses

  • Contact: 

Chang Qing Group


  • A bi-weekly gathering of parents who are visiting their children, this group involves seasonal outings, English lessons, games, conversation, and fun.

  • Meeting Time: Every other Saturday, 9:30 am~11:30 am

  • Meeting Place: BCF

  • Contact: Caisy (

       To inquire about any of our services

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